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Lviv 3

My last day in Lviv & it’s light. On my own, an open-ended exploration. No working phone, no plan.

I climbed the hill on the outskirts for the view, an attempt to contain all I had seen in just one image. I went inside the stores, crossed the street for them. There was no rush. 

Only flowers and all the time in the world to smell them.

Lviv 2

A slow day in Lviv, unplanned, unrushed, falling in step with the city. 

Lunch in a hidden greenhouse garden. A tower ascent and a view. A stroll through the park, a bench in the sun. Lost sense of time. 

That’s how the day passed. Fast-slow. Suspended with nothing to be beyond there. 

Lviv 1

Lviv, Ukraine – a secret hidden in plain sight from the West. It’s modern, charming, clean, bright, busy. A few weeks prior, I wasn’t even aware of it’s existence, and now there I was, walking the streets. 

Ate, drank, wandered, lived. Every cafe, it seemed, had a theme. There was music echoing through the streets. The lemonade was sweet, the chocolate sweeter. 

The character of the city, undeniable. It’s a place to which one connects, intimately, quickly. Crisscrossed-colored streets, a mismatched melody of architecture across the ages. Detail, detail, detail.

A living painting; walk-in/through/around art. 



Aldeburgh, Suffolk coast gem of fish-and-chips fame. We came for the seafood, like so many others, all spilled on to the sidewalk in queues around the block.

Fish-and-chips on the seawall. Old fishing boats in an old fishing town.

A day out, close to home. 



Dreamscape, somewhere in Suffolk. Fields of green, flowers on the beach.

A long countryside walk to the sea. Follow the footpath a few miles east until the heath fades into the beach. 

That’s the only way I know how to go back.


Summer broke early in Cambridge this year. Real summer. The summer that beckons you to the park. Picnic blanket, book, boat summer. Sun shining summer.

Grantchester Meadows is like the “beach” of Cambridge to me; a destination of sunbathers and swimmers. The place to which everyone escapes to a thousand shades of green.


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