by Sam

It’s been an absolutely crazy past few days: between the road trip from hell, moving into and furnishing a new apartment, working, and transitioning to the Miami lifestyle, my life has essentially been riding on a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs. One minute, I’m celebrating the arrival of my new bed; the next, I’m in despair over the hundreds of flyers that I need to print by tomorrow. At least this much is certain: this is not the relaxed Cape life in which I thrived as little as one week ago. I miss home, the calm of the South Shore beaches, the cool breeze that sets in at night. Blaring country music, flying down US-1 in deadly Miami traffic just isn’t the same as blaring the same songs transcending The Bridge.This in itself is overwhelming.

Life, though, I’ve learned is all about balance: balance between home and school, work and play, ecstasy and despair. Too far in the future, and the scale of life tilts forward; too far in the past, and the same effect in reverse. Try as I might to capture the salty sea breeze of Scituate Harbor or the dull crash of the waves against Brant Rock, there will be times when, despite my most drastic efforts, I will be unable to carry these perfections with me. These are details of a different moment, one that is now past. And, as much as I yearn to return to that moment, the truth is that this moment is not now. I need to live now, to savor these new moments, because, now, they are my world- a world that I have created for myself.

A world that I must balance.