Faith, Patience, and a Senior Prank

by Sam

Two years later, I woke up to a text message from my friend Chris that I had long since given up on seeing: “GoogleEarth Cardinal Spellman High School, Brockton, MA, and behold! The class of 2008 will never be forgotten!”

We did it!

Have you ever seen those big, rectangle white signs that read ‘SINGLE? (Insert Town Name Here)SINGLES.COM!’ ? Collecting these ‘Single Signs,’ as we came to call them, was an obsession of my group of friends beginning my junior year of high school, right up until the end in May of 2008. By the time graduation rolled around, we had over 350 of these signs in our possession- and not a lot to do with that many pieces of cheap plastic. So, senior prank was the obvious choice.

I’ll never forget that night, when a group of us pulled an all-nighter forming that massive ’08’ on my lawn. It was one of the best days of my life! Originally, we planned to suspend our collection from the side of the gym, glory inevitably ensuing, but after several failed attempts to hang the monster in the middle of the night (and several not-so-fun encounters with the Brockton Police Department), we settled on a different idea. I guess God had bigger plans for the best class ever…

There was no immediate satisfaction (or even guaranteed satisfaction later) in creating a giant ’08’ on the roof of the school. We could only hope that GoogleEarth might be updated before it had a chance to disappear forever. Weeks, months, a year went by. Eventually, we moved on with our lives. I’d be lying if I claimed I even remembered to check online after that first summer.

Then, Chris sent the text message, and all I can say is, wow! Sure enough, when I searched for CSHS on GoogleEarth, I could see a clear ’08’ nestled in the lower corner of the building. Good things truly do come to those who wait- and a little faith can go a loooooooong way. Props to Chris for still believing enough to check google, even when others (like me sadly) did not. I’m so excited that this crazy plan actually worked!!!

So, yes, this is a foolish little anecdote of a high school prank. But it is also so much more. Let it serve to deliver a message, a message of patience and a message of faith.

And, most importantly,  let it be a reminder of the absolutely awesome things that can happen, if you only believe =)

Check out the legacy of the class of 2008!

08 on the roof of cshs

see the 08 arranged in the corner of the roof?