Kenny Chesney’s Latest

by Sam

Kenny Chesney‘s new album, “Hemmingway’s Whiskey,” comes out next Tuesday, September 28. Check out some of the previews- they’re AMAZING!

Kenny has always been one of my favorite artists, and what I’ve heard so far of his latest did not disappoint- it’s just such powerful, pure, authentic music with a real ability to move you, to bring you back. Listen to his quick descriptions of what the specific songs mean to him and why; “You and Tequila” is my favorite. He talks about the power of a single song to literally transport you back to a different time and place.

Story of my life. Can’t we all relate? To this day, every time I hear “Anything but Mine” by him, I’m 16 again, working in the mini-golf hut. “Airplanes Pt II:” driving around Jerusalem Road in the rain. “Plane:” my last night in Boston before college. “All the Above:” arriving in Miami after driving down the East Coast. “Two Princes:” Scituate with Cahill and Kim. “Bad to the Bone:” six-years-old, playing air-guitar on Sunday morning, waiting for Dad to make pancakes.

We all have those songs, and Kenny Chesney is no exception. But hearing him actually SAY it just gives such a voice to his music that it makes it that much more genuine to the ear. Maybe that’s why I love every one of his songs so much: they’re so real.

I’ve already pre-ordered the new album on Amazon (with guaranteed arrival on the release date). Only four more days!!! For now, I’m going to keep these clips on repeat. Is anyone else as excited as I am?

You and Tequila”- Exclusive Interview with Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter: (This is my favorite! The way he talks about the song inspired me to download the original by Deana Carter- also one of my new favorites. Download this too!)

“Reality”- First Listen Here

“Coastal”- CMT Videos, invitation only

Kenny’s Facebook- posting new clips daily

No Shoes Radio- streaming clips with other great music