Sitting at Jetblue Gate F with twenty minutes to kill before boarding my flight home to Boston- I am absolutely beyond excited!!!

Its funny how much flying has become second nature to me over the past few years. Security, switching seats, changing flights, the gates, getting a cup of tea and a magazine before boarding: I don’t even have to think anymore. Probably because I love airports so much.

People talk about flying as a “hassle;” they complain about sitting on the plane, waiting in lines, checking bags, everything. But for me, its the exact opposite. Being able to fly somewhere, the rush of being in that airport, of leaving one place to go to another, is a gift that I embrace.

Maybe its just the thrill of not belonging anywhere, of being free from eveything, of not being in control. It’s too complex to pinpoint. Suddenly you’re rushing, rushing down the runway, everything blurred. You’re leaving. And then you fall back, you lift up, you hold your breath. Going up, up, until finally, you can look down upon everything.

In that split second, everything makes sense. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

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