Duxbury Beach

by Sam

Last week, I got my November Coastal Living magazine in the mail, and I was really (really) excited to find a nice write-up about Duxbury, Massachusetts in their “Dream Towns” feature.

The first time I went to Duxbury, I was less than a week old, and my parents took me down to the beach after spending a day at my grandfather’s marina in nearby Marshfield. I don’t remember that particular trip, but I remember many, many after. Duxbury beach was always “our” beach, the “family beach.” And at just under thirty minutes south of where I grew up, most of my childhood summers were spent in town.

Beautiful, quaint, calm, full of marshes and waterfront housing: they don’t call it “Deluxe-bury” for nothing. But still, everyone is friendly, the atmosphere is nothing but welcoming. It really is a dream town.

Check out the article for yourself here: Dream Towns: Duxbury, MA.

Here’s some pictures that I found of Duxbury and me through the years- from age three, right up until last summer! Enjoy.

Duxbury Beach, Summer 1993

Summer 1993

Summer, 2006

My 16th Birthday Cookout

Summer, 2007

Duxbury Bonfire, 2007

Duxbury Beach, winter

Below Freezing on Duxbury Beach, Winter 2008

Bridge to the Beach

The Bridge

Beach walking
Summer 2008

View from the road