One Class

by Sam

Very interesting journalism class today- Miami Herald Reporter, Carol Rosenberg came in to talk about her experience covering Guantanamo, and she had some powerful stuff to show us.

Rosenberg is the only reporter to have covered the US Military Base in Cuba from the very beginning, that is, from the day that the first US prisoners of war were transported to the detention center from the Middle East, January 11, 2002. Since that time, she has spent a lot of time on the base writing stories on a range of subjects- from war trials to life on the military base. With her firm demeanor and honest commentary, it was obvious that she was good at what she did. And though she emphasized that the restrictive conditions of reporting on a military base were not the norm, I really do feel like her talk spoke volumes to what it’s like to be a journalist in general.

For me, that was enough to remind me about how much I do NOT want to be a journalist. Not that her talk was unglamorous, or uninteresting- I was enticed. But not by the excitement of getting a story.

As she talked about life covering intense war trials or working with government officials, I couldn’t help but to think how miserable I would be in that situation. I hate simply observing. I hate reporting. I like doing. How exciting would it be to be arguing in that war court? Or to be making policies that might affect the entire detention center? Or to travel to the places that the prisoners had come from and work to rebuild communities, change attitudes?

I’ve always been a “do-er,” but ever since I had to switch my major to journalism, sometimes I forget that. I get caught up in what I “am” (a journalism student), rather than what I want to be (unknown). Carol Rosenberg showed me two things: (1) I personally will be frustrated my entire life if I’m in a position where I just observe and report, and (2) If you are passionate about something, as she clearly is about being a journalist, than you will end up in some cool places, doing some amazing things.

So on that note, I enjoyed class a lot today. I’m so lucky to go to a school where I have opportunities to meet such inspirational people- even if they aren’t necessarily the same as me!