The Start of My Europe Adventures

by Sam

Sitting in the airport, sipping Revolution tropical green tea, waiting for my British Airways flight to London- my first international flight ever! I’m beyond excited!

Its been a stressful past few weeks at school (right up until the end), so its hard to believe that I’m finally here. This time tomorrow, I will be at the ‘ice bar’ in Paris with my best friend, Meghan, who I haven’t seen since August!

I’m so excited to have this opportunity. Though I know my professors aren’t happy about me missing class, I know that, in the end, this will be worth it. How many people have the chance to go to Europe with their four best friends?!

Its going to be weird not having a phone to connect me to the world. I’m hoping I find a way to cope… At the very least, I’m going to try to blog every night, so that people back home can keep track of what I’m doing. On that note, hope you enjoy my trip as much as I will! I’ll post again in London (well hopefully!).

au revoir!!!