Flying across the Atlantic and My Forty Minutes in London

by Sam

I don’t really know what I was expecting, but that flight that I just took from Miami to London was quite possibly the most miserable thing that I’ve ever done. Seven and a half hours of being absolutely exhausted, but not being able to get even a minute of sleep. Seven and a half agonizing hours being conscious and awake and cramped for every single minute. Its like 2 1/2 flights from Boston to Miami, but all at once!

At least the British were nice. I like their accents (surprise, surprise), and they gave us all pillows and blankets and meals in boxes. And circling around over England was beautiful! From the sky, everything in the country is just green, green, and more green! Then we landed, and I began my quest to navigate the London Airport.

The British have the stupidest security system ever at their airport. They made us take out all of our liquids and carry them up stairs and down a long hall rather than just having us remove stuff there. Somehow, I managed to make it across the entire airport, go through securty again, and find my way the the farthest gate in my forty minute lay-over. Now, I’m sitting on the plane, waiting to leave. Still very confused as to why they haven’t asked me to turn off my computer yet… Considering I think I just paid a ridiculous amount of money for 10 minutes of WiFi, I’m not turning it off until they ask.

Airport safety is starting now- it’s in French. Ahhh I wish I remembered how to speak it better! I did definitely just hear something about turning things off, though. Guess it’s time to go. I cannot wait to sleep all day in Meghan’s bed.