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Month: May, 2011


Again, really bored while everyone else studies for finals (for the record, I’m not slacking- I just don’t have an exam until Wednesday, and its going to be extremely easy). This time, looking at pictures from last November, wishing I could be with all of my friends in Paris again!

Some of my favorite stuff from November 22, 2010 (the day of the official Christmas ‘lighting’ in Paris):

Champs Elysees

On top of the Eiffel Tower

Obviously, we had to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I don’t think I’ve ever been more FREEZING than I was on top of that thing, and I’m from New England, so that says a lot. Needless to say, I felt that I had earned a (tacky touristy and overpriced but amazing) glass of champagne for making it the top without catching hypothermia. Fascinating fact: the city lit up officially while we were on top, and we didn’t even plan it that way!

Lighting Festival on the Champs Elysees

There was such a perfect, cozy holiday festival running down the street, with vendors selling everything from scarves to crepes to ‘vin chaud.’

Champs Elysees

We got crepes and hot wine! mmmmmmm

French Christmas

We took a picture with Père Noël.

Jesus loves the French too

And we found out that even Paris is plastered with ‘Jesus loves you’ stickers too!

Ahhh this was such a GREAT day!

Bahamas Recap

Sitting here (bored) in my apartment, while the rest of the world studies for finals, wishing I was back at Port Lucaya on Grand Bahama. If only. Some highlights:

Beach at Port Lucaya

So we didn’t actually stay at the Our Lucaya Resort, but that didn’t stop us from pretty much spending every day there. Coconut drinks, hot tubs, cool old guys playing the guitar and singing in the hot tub… No complaints

Pier at Lucaya Marketplace

When we didn’t feel like going out, we got amazing Greek yogurt from this Greek restaurant in the Lucaya Marketplace and found this cute little pier to eat it on! The Bacardi Sailfish tournament had happened earlier in the day, so it was a really chill atmosphere- boats tied up, small groups of people hanging out. The lights were amazing too =).

Cave exploring at Lucaya National Park!

Cave at Lucaya National Park

Lying on the beach is fun, but we got bored of that after a while and wanted to explore. So we rented a scooter and ‘scooted’ about 26 miles across the island to Lucaya National Park, where we hiked and explored some really cool caves.

Boardwalk at Lucaya National Park

Part of the hike also went through some awesome mangroves. And of course, led the way to the best part…

Fallen trees at Golden Rock Beach

Most beautiful beach ever! Golden Rock Beach at Lucaya National Park

Golden Rock Beach!!! The locals told us that it was the most beautiful beach on the island, and they were right. Apparently, parts of Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed here too. I can’t even describe how amazing it was- isolated, soft sand, perfectly blue. Absolutely worth the scoot/hike!

Rum Runners Bar at Lucaya Marketplace

My FAVORITE bar ever!!! I’ve never had (nor never will have) a Miami Vice as amazing as the ones I had here. Fascinating fact: we met a group of other kids from Massachusetts that we were loosely connected to here. Such a small world.

View from the Prop Club

We  ate here during the day, hung out here at night. Prop Club:  big fan!

I wish I had pictures of the casino too. I’m not a crazy gambler, but we had a couple free $10 credits from the hotel that we used to win a ton. 22 black!

Considering I booked the flights for this trip only 16 hours before take off, this trip was INCREDIBLE! True, Lucaya is a little over-touristy, but it was still a great time. I need to go back.


Well a lot has happened in my life since I was last motivated to post… Yeah, about that. You know, things happen, one thing and another, forget to write one day, backlogged. Really, it’s a vicious cycle. If I felt like spending a few hours re-living adventures of the past, I might write something about how I went airboating in the Everglades and our boat broke down (literally) in the middle of nowhere. Or about the flight I booked to Grand Bahama 16 hours before take-off, and the exciting coco-nut drink, casino, cave-exploratory, beach-filled adventure that ensued (actually, that was a good one- I MIGHT just revisit that eventually). Or I’d tell you about geo-caching at the Hammock Park, Last Call at the Rat, the stray cat that we adopted, bouncing with kangaroos at the zoo (and getting bit by a monkey), the Poverty Conference, running again, and probably some other things.

Wow, too much.

If I spent all my time just catching up with all of that, I’d have no time to tell you all about the exciting things that are happening now! Er, or at least all the things that hopefully happen once everyone else is done with finals too. Summer is almost here. Or it might already be here? It’s hard to tell now. But anyways, I think I’ll be in Holbrook again. Maybe some other country. Who knows? Regardless, now that I no longer have to blog for class, I’ll probably start doing it again. I mean, getting a grade on posts was just plain weird. My teacher would GRADE what we wrote, for like spelling and grammar and style, etc. Really? Who wants to read my properly written, English paper blog posts? More importantly, why would I want to write that? Yeah, thank God that’s over.

On that note, Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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