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Month: August, 2011

The Canal

When I was little, my family used to always just spontaneously head down to this little spot just over the bridge on the Cape Cod Canal, right near Seafood Sam’s & the Coast Guard Station. Chicken fingers, until I was old enough to move onto clam strips, at Seafood Sam’s (still one of my favorites, even if now I avoid the fried classics I loved as a kid), then balancing. Balancing for what seemed like forever on that railing that I HAD to walk end to end around the Coast Guard Station. Looking back, I have no idea how my parents had any patience for that. But now, I can’t even imagine a trip to the Canal without balancing.

We used to come here so much; I really wanted to go back before I went down to Miami again. And I really, really wanted to take my little brother for the first time. It was just such a perfect Massachusetts evening. Of course we ate at Seafood Sam’s. Of course we balanced. And then, we walked the path down the Canal to the edge where it meets the ocean, just as the sun was beginning to set.

We ‘skipped’ rocks too- aka, my brother threw rocks onto the ground so hard that they bounced back into the air and into the water… Bouncing rocks should be a new thing.

And we walked on the jetty, while people fished off of it and watched the sunset. And at the end, like always, we drove a little down the street to ‘Icecream Sandwich’ for softserves with chocolate jimmies. My favorite.

It was all so nice.



Last summer, I posted a lot about the ‘South Shore Quests,’ a series of small missions to accomplish across the beautiful, natural space of the South Shore. It was definitely one of my favorite things to do, so naturally, I bought this season’s questing booklet right when I came home for the summer. Except, this summer, instead of questing mostly with my friends, I’ve been taking my nine-year-old brother. He loves it.

Yesterday, we went to the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell- my favorite quest from last year (flashback post here). Ok, so I had done it before. I KNEW where the box was hidden at the end, but he didn’t, which is all that really matters.


Success!!! We obviously had to stamp our hands (and not just the booklet). Big fan of this cool owl stamp btw.

We also accidentally found another quest box… Apparently there is another ‘bonus’ quest there that we didn’t know about. Well, when my brother was off running away from me, being difficult, he found a random box under a step. Go figure.

And that’s not it- we snuck in a quick geocaching mission too.


Day total: 2 questing boxes, 1 geocache. Nice.


I love Duxbury Beach. I love how, to get there, you have to drive through this perfect, quaint ocean-side neighborhood with green grass & hydrangeas, and happy, walking, bike-riding people. I love parking in the gravel lot, right on the edge of the marsh, where you can look out and see the beach in the distance, way out down the bridge. And I lovvvve walking the long way over the rickety, wooden bridge, past the fishermen, and everyone else trekking to the beach. It’s as good as the beach itself.
Poweder Point Bridge

Living the Dream at TKs

Perfect summer day today. Sun shining, HOT, but breezy. Perfect. I was down in Scituate for part of the afternoon. Still my favorite town ever. My friends and I hung out at TK O’Malley’s right on the harborfront. Margaritas, watching the boats sail by us. Fresh shrimp too. Living the dream.

Green Monsterita

The View

& the view.

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