by Sam

Last summer, I posted a lot about the ‘South Shore Quests,’ a series of small missions to accomplish across the beautiful, natural space of the South Shore. It was definitely one of my favorite things to do, so naturally, I bought this season’s questing booklet right when I came home for the summer. Except, this summer, instead of questing mostly with my friends, I’ve been taking my nine-year-old brother. He loves it.

Yesterday, we went to the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell- my favorite quest from last year (flashback post here). Ok, so I had done it before. I KNEW where the box was hidden at the end, but he didn’t, which is all that really matters.


Success!!! We obviously had to stamp our hands (and not just the booklet). Big fan of this cool owl stamp btw.

We also accidentally found another quest box… Apparently there is another ‘bonus’ quest there that we didn’t know about. Well, when my brother was off running away from me, being difficult, he found a random box under a step. Go figure.

And that’s not it- we snuck in a quick geocaching mission too.


Day total: 2 questing boxes, 1 geocache. Nice.