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Month: January, 2012

Gouverneur Beach

Gouverneur Beach sign

Gouverneur BeachLegend has it that a pirate once hid his treasure here, on Gouverneur Beach. Remote, secluded, & tucked away, it WOULD be a perfect spot. Unfortunately, we did not find it this afternoon.


The Edge of an Island

Beach run, St Barth

Beach Run on St BarthSaint Barth is almost entirely covered in hills, but there is one distant edge of the island where it is completely flat, and it in that place that we decided to run. We ran along the road, on the edge of the hill. We ran down a hidden sandy path. And we ran to this rocky, beautiful beach.


Gustavia Gallery

St Barths painting

Saint Barths painting abstract

St Barths map paintingA contemporary art museum in Gustavia. Intimate & local. A picture of Saint Barth.


Colombier Beach








On the cliff


Path to the beachColombier Beach is only accessible by boat, or by hiking down an old goat path, through the cliffs, on the edge of the island. It’s one of the most incredible hikes that I’ve ever done. The trail, the cliffs, the ocean, the beach itself; it’s breathtaking. 

Saint Barthélemy

photo (6)

Co Pilot


photo (24)

VillaThe only airport on St. Barth spills, literally, onto St. Jean beach, and there is nothing except one red sign and a piece of rope to stop people from prancing on over in front of a speeding plane to take pictures. It’s a tiny airport, one of the most difficult in the world. The island is hilly, the town is small, the roads are winding. It’s an island Paris.

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