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Month: September, 2013

Apples in Ipswich

Russel Orchard

Apple tree

Russel Orchard StoreNew England fall is beautiful. The air is crisp, the sun is out, the trees are a rainbow. It’s a true gift, a gift to be lived. This weekend, fall led us to Russel Orchards in Ipswich on the North Shore of Massachusetts. There are hay rides, pumpkins, animals, farm stands, and of course, never-ending fields of apple orchards. You can never pick too many apples, in my opinion. And the town itself, Ipswich, is lovely. Farms and foliage. History and art museums. An old main street. It’s something from a storybook.


Fall Walking, Castle Island

Fall on Castle Island

Castle Island Beach

It’s been five years since I last had a real fall, and even then, I was always trapped at some desk in some classroom for most of the season. “Adult” fall is wonderful. The weather is perfect. The colors are wonderful. Today, I took a mid-day work break to walk at Castle Island, this time, in a sweatshirt & pants. It was beautiful. New England fall is beautiful. 

Sweet Berry Farm



Apple Orchard

Sweet Berry Farm


Raspberry picking

farm stand


We celebrated the first day of fall with apple picking (and a little raspberry picking) at Sweet Berry Farm in gorgeous Middletown, Rhode Island. Hills, ocean views, farms, vineyards, orchards, and local businesses everywhere. Brother and sister bonding. This place is lovely; I can’t wait to go back.


A Lake in Mississippi

Officers Lake MS

Officers Lake Beach

Proffitt's Porch

Officers Lake MSDinner on a lake in the middle of Columbus, MS is exactly what you would expect it to be. Quiet. Empty. Southern. Peaceful and beautiful. 


Birmingham, ALJust one day in a totally different world. Spontaneous change of plans, a hotel & a train in between places. 


Alma Mater

Sunlife Stadium

The U

Sunlife Stadium insideAlma Mater love & an excellent excuse to escape to sunny Florida for a weekend with friends. Tailgating began before the sun came up, but what a game.


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