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Month: October, 2013

The Museum in the Closet

Queen Anne china

CW plate

Asian vase

Italian bowl

Italian bowls

My grandparents ran an antique shop well before I was born, and growing up, their house was a special treasure chest to me. I remember rows and rows of old telephones in the basement, stacks of paintings, jars of buttons, boxes of silver spoons, and of course, the china cabinet. They’ve since passed away, and the contents of the china cabinet now belong to me, hidden in my closet, a certain tucked away memory. I’m not sure why, but last weekend, I was driven to take them out and unwrap each piece. There is a tea set from China, hand-painted Italian bowls, centennial pieces from nearby cities. What are the stories of these objects? Why were they in the china cabinet? Infatuation with the faraway may be the norm, but sometimes, there is so much to discover just within the closet. 


Nihtila Farm

Pumpkin wagon



farm pumpkin

On Sunday, my little brother and I headed to Holbrook’s Nihtila farm in search of a few pumpkins to carve before Halloween (just a few days away!). It was chilly outside; I have a feeling this is going to be one of the last weekends for a while that we can comfortably be out at all. Fall seems to have just begun, and yet already, it’s slipping away into winter.  At least we had this lovely day in the sun.


Fort Point Open Studios

FB observe

FP Studios

FP palms

FP wall

FP blue

The Fort Point Arts Community in the Boston Seaport district hosted its seasonal open studios event this past weekend, during which the public is able to visit the otherwise private workspaces of the artists. Warehouses on the water, full of art, open for wandering. My brother and I decided to explore.

Head of the Charles


HOCR boots

HOCR groupBrunch, and boats. It could not have been a more perfect weekend for the world-famous Head of the Charles regatta, which truly speaks volumes considering that we’re in the midst of New England October. The morning began with mimosas & brunch at The Boathouse in Harvard Square. Then came the river & the races, outside in the sunshine.



World’s End Fall Walk

World's End foliage

World's End path


World's End walk

World's End sunset

World's End driftwoodThrough the woods and along the beach at the always beautiful World’s End reservation in Hingham. We walked along the path; we walked off of the path. To the cliffs, to the fields, to the inlets. Here we were in such a serene place, so much in the middle of civilization, and yet so much further away.


Miracle Mile

Coral Gables

Good morning, “City Beautiful,” Coral Gables. It reminds me of Spain, or some far away place, the colors and the way the sun hits as it rises over Biscayne Bay.

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