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Month: November, 2013

Possum Town

Columbus Antiques

Columbus Antique Blues

I don’t understand Columbus, Mississippi. I really don’t know how else to put it into words, though I suppose you can never truly understand any place fully. The history and charm of the deep south is here, but you must search deeply. And that’s how, amidst the strip malls and chain restaurants, we found ourselves here. Half yard sale, half antique shop. Trash and treasure amassed in one chaotic place, the city itself.

Dinner on a Sunday Evening




Dinner on a Sunday evening with friends, the people who began the journey with you, the people who will be there at the end. It really is that simple. Most times, I think we underestimate just how young we are. We focus on what’s next, not because we want to, but because we’re afraid that we must, lest we fall behind the world. We’re scattered – geographically, occupationally, emotionally. And therein lies the beauty of pausing and being together, for dinner on a Sunday evening.


Boots Airport


Worlds End sky

Here’s World’s End and Nantasket beach from the sky; you can see each round segment jutting out into the ocean, the trees, the paths. I can trace where we walked a few weeks ago. I love viewing places from above, small and unsuspecting. You’re simultaneously connected, yet so disconnected at the same time. And that’s also why I love airports. Everyone is there, it seems. But no one you know. The whole world is outside each gate. But your world is right here, right now. It’s you, your boots, your bag, and your book. And your next adventure awaits.

Paul Revere


The North End, The Old North Church, Hanover Street, and Paul Revere. The Red Sox won the world series. And here’s Boston, in all her glory, celebrating on a chilly but beautiful November afternoon.

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