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Month: August, 2014

Heritage Day


My favorite shot from Scituate Heritage Day. As we meandered through the parking lot along the water, I couldn’t help but to notice these colorful boats brightening the harbor on an otherwise overcast and rainy day. 

The Charles


Running the Charles River in Boston, a great way to catch up with a great friend. I love my city. 

East Chop Run




IMG_5336I love to run when I’m away from home; I just think that it’s a wonderful way to know a place, especially a new place. Typically, when I run on the island, I head south from Oaks Bluff, down the beach road toward Edgartown, but today, I wanted to try something different.

And that’s how I found myself along the edges of East Chop on a rainy Sunday morning. The woman at the front desk of the Surfside told me of a route I could take to the north, one that would lead up around the outer skirts of the bluffs that define the coast. It was beautiful; I wish pictures could capture it.

Details on Circuit Ave Ext


How adorable is this bright blue wall that I stumbled across in Oaks Bluff several weeks ago? And the words are written in rope! 

I discovered it Friday afternoon, by Nancy’s (for anyone familiar with the area); on Saturday, it was gone. Very happy to have seen it. It’s the details that define a place, after all. Even the smallest details dictate emotion. 

Martha’s Vineyard






IMG_5293Every summer, we spend a weekend in July on the Vineyard, my most favorite weekend of the year. 

That feeling when you step onto the boat, the sound of the port when you arrive. The old fashioned charm. The unspoiled natural beauty. The art, the community. The food and the drinks. The ease of being with true friends.

As the rest of the rest of the world changes, Martha’s Vineyard remains a constant; that’s why I love it. That’s why we go back.


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