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Month: April, 2015


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We drove the three hours from Altus to just outside of Amarillo for Palo Duro Canyon. But while we were there, of course, we needed to see historic Route 66. The Cadillac Ranch, the rundown buildings, the biker crowd. A small, but vibrant piece of America. 

Palo Duro Canyon

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It was about sixty five degrees Fahrenheit outside of the canyon. Deep within, about a mile into our hike, the posed thermometer read nearly ninety-five degrees. It was a dry heat, the kind that sneaks up on you without you realizing it. I can’t imagine what it must be like to do this hike in the dead of summer. Fortunately for us, it was early April. We drove about three hours for this, from Altus, Oklahoma to just outside of Amarillo, Texas. I would do it again. All of it was worth it. The views were incredible. 

Quartz Mountains

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An Easter Sunday adventure. A friend told us about this small mountain range about half an hour north of Altus. There were no defined trails – just us and the mountain, and we pushed to the very tip. Mountains to one side, never ending plains on the other. Cacti everywhere. Breathtaking. 

We conquered it.

Altus, Oklahoma

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I wanted to go on a walk after dinner. Through the neighborhood, across the field. We stumbled across a little carnival. The middle-of-nowhere is a beautiful place. 

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