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Month: May, 2015


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Florida, my second home. A six hour drive to the beach was much better than Memorial Day weekend, alone, in Mississippi. The sand was like snow. The sky, a watercolor. 


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I never expected to be back in Mississippi, but here I am, two months after moving away, back down South. This time, I came alone to help with the entrepreneurship program at Mississippi State University. I pushed myself. Out of my comfort zone. Mississippi will always be a special place for me, but it’s not where I belong anymore. I’m so excited to return home, to plan for the next adventure. 

West Virginia


Driving from Boston to Starkville, Missisippi. A detour through the mountains of West Virginia to stay with a friend. I’m so lucky to have friends all over the place. And lucky to have had the opportunity to travel this road. 

Scituate Harbor

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Lobster rolls. Green Monsteritas. Coffee on the pier. Walking to the lighthouse. Scituate, Masschusetts. My very favorite things. 

Boston Spring

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Springtime in my city. A moment to pause, to be home. A breath of fresh air. 

East Bay

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I love being home. I love it, and I’m sad to be leaving in a few weeks. So I’m savoring every moment. Today, friends, food, drinks with a view. A beautiful day to sit at the East Bay Grille

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