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Month: August, 2015

Newport Polo

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THIS is my new favorite thing. Why did it take so long for us to discover Newport Polo? Outside, in the sun, friends, food. If I wasn’t moving across the Atlantic, I’d be here every day. 



Brunch… escalated quickly. What began as simple Saturday morning socializing evolved into a day of eating (and drinking) across the city. Southie to Seaport to the North End. Personalized cocktails. Sushi. Mussels. Cannolis. A charcuterie board to die for. Yes, please. 

Heritage Day


Scituate Heritage Day, 2015. I can’t really *buy* things right now, since the movers have already shipped my things to England. That was probably for the best, though I do love supporting the local artists. Instead, I enjoyed a great afternoon strolling through the merchant booths, sipping tea on the pier. This really is my favorite place. 

Growing Up


Growing up. I started this blog when I was a sophomore in college for a class project. Six years later, I am writing a post about the condo my best friend just purchased in the city. Isn’t that view INCREDIBLE?!? 

Our other best friend Bonnie was visiting from London (she had come over for my wedding the week before), so naturally, we had to take her up to the roof before she left. 

Growing up can feel scary sometimes, but I love that it’s something we all do together – buying homes, getting married, living abroad. All of these wonderful things, and through it all, no matter what, we have each other and this beautiful city, our home, pulling us all together from across the world. 



August 8, 2015. Zac Brown Band live at Fenway Park. Country music and baseball, AKA, being as American as possible with my friends before I move to England in one month. 

South Shore Drive


Reflections on the best week of my life. Seven days, best friends, one Cape house across from the beach. A broken toe, crutches, support, and recovery. Making dinner, toasting smores, late nights, too much champagne. Tank tops and taffy. One beautiful, wonderful, perfect wedding. Perfect friendships. Perfect people. 

This past year has been overwhelming at times, always moving, never settled.  Sometimes things are hard. But this week is what matters. I love my messy, beautiful, perfect life. 

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