Home for the Holidays

"Oh there's no place like home for the holidays. Cause no matter how far away you roam..." This song, this SILLY song that I've known and quite frankly not cared at all about my entire life... this year, it means so much to me. England is a great adventure. This ENTIRE year has been a [...]

Peterhouse College

Peterhouse College is the oldest college at the University of Cambridge; it was founded in 1284 (yes, TWELVE), and it certainly looks the part. Candlelight, spiral staircases, hidden studies, torches, even a dark bell tower. I felt like Harry Potter, feasting in the Great Hall. "Magical" really is the only word to describe it.  (Excuse the quality [...]

Christmastime in London

Christmastime in London is stunning. The entire city, aglow. I had obviously heard much about it before I arrived, and of course, it's quick and easy to search for photographs online, but to be here and to experience it in person... that is special. Every street, every corner is decked in the most beautiful flights. [...]

Tower of London

My best friend was in town on business for a few days; it wasn't the first time he had traveled to London, but still, neither of us had yet visited the Tower of London. It was a bit tricky meeting up at first without being able to use cellphones to communicate (his is American), but [...]


It was a dreary day in Cambridge, aka, the perfect day to get lost in the Fitzwilliam Museum. The best way that I can describe it is as a "miniature British Museum" - full of ancient artifacts, art, curiosities. My favorite was the stunning red portrait room that we visited at the end; there were [...]

A Day at the Museum

A spontaneous trip to one of my favorite museums in all of the world, The British Museum. My three-hour dissertation workshop ended early, and since I was already in the city, I decided, "why not?" The museum is only a ten minute walk from my campus, and best of all, it's free. I wandered in [...]