Portobello Road

Earlier this month, I had a few hours to spare between Monday morning meetings in Shoreditch and class at LSE. I was in London and with my camera, and it was an unseasonably warm day - naturally, I wanted to be out and about and not simply reading in a cafe somewhere. Not today. I [...]

Victoria & Albert

One more collection of photos from my sister's visit in early December - our excursion to the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington. I had heard wonderful things about the museum before, but hadn't yet had the opportunity to visit, so this was my first time there too. I loved it. London has so [...]


By the time we reached the final destination of our tour, Bath, the sun had already set, and we only had one hour to spend in the city before the bus returned to London. Admittedly, I was not happy (ie, furious) about this - I thought the entire point of the trip was to spend [...]


A quaint, classic English village. Stop 3 on our bus tour aka our lunch break. I admit, I had never heard of the village of Lacock before this trip. HOWEVER, apparently, a lot of filming for the Harry Potter movies took place here. Again, with the bus tour, we really didn't have any time at [...]


There's not too much more to say about this one beyond what you can see in the photographs. Stop 2 on our bus tour was none other than the famous world heritage site, Stonehenge. To be totally honest, it's a very anticlimactic thing to see - not that we expected anything different, but just to be clear. [...]


Another excursion with my sister and her boyfriend from December. Since they would only be here for one week, we decided the best way to see the most of England in a short period of time would be to take a day-long bus tour out of London to Bath, with stops at Windsor Castle and [...]