White Cliffs

by Sam

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The White Cliffs of Dover. It’s really quite hard to write anything at all that would do this place justice. It’s just absolutely stunning. Profound. Green and white and blue. Vast and quaint. Full of people, totally isolated.

I love being on the sea. It’s my absolutely favorite place to be. This trip was so revitalizing for me, to be able to see and feel the ocean again. To feel so far away from the city.

And, yes, we could see France across the Channel. We were SO close to France, in fact, that I had to put my phone on airplane mode (I was actually picking up the signal from the French towers and getting charged for roaming).

Other highlights of our day excursion: afternoon tea in the lighthouse, exploring old WWII tunnels, *fresh* mussels (I missed them!), and a sculpture of a dolphin riding a bicycle (yes). 

I loved it here. Loved, loved, loved.