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Month: September, 2016


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I knew this little town was one train-stop north of me in Cambridge; I did not realize how charming it is. We had visited it last year, but by car and only briefly to visit the famous cathedral. This time, I wandered on foot to meet friends for tea (the best tea ever) along the river. Later, we wandered through the nearby antique store, and we probably would have spent the evening there, if it weren’t for me realizing the time and darting out to catch the last train back. This was a special discovery for me. I can’t wait to return, with more friends, and for more tea. And maybe for my own antique china tea-set or two.

Borough Market

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I’ve lived in England for a year now; it took me that long to visit Borough Market, in spite of everyone urging me to check it out sooner. Well, the stars finally aligned, and I met some friends for lunch one afternoon during the week. I totally understand the hype now – I loved it! There were so many options, delicious bits from all over the world. I even found my favorite Greek mountain tea from Crete for sale at one of the stands (!!!). If only it were a little closer to Cambridge. Still, I’ll be back (if only to sample one of those giant meringues in my picture… Note to self: next time, bring extra cash). 

Cambs Summer

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England in the summertime is a totally different place, which even the locals know and fully embrace. Before I lived here, I had only ever travelled to Europe in the wintertime, and I never thought much of it – it was more affordable. But now that I’ve had the chance to spend bits of summer here, it’s as if I have made a trip to an entirely new place. It’s something to be experienced. Picnic blankets and warm-weather bike rides, sweating from the sun on your skin, not from the three coats you’re wearing. Punt rides where the prosecco is truly refreshing. The streets are calmer, the students, gone. I’m happy that I’ve been able to be here to feel it, this brief flash of light.


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Brighton was so *interesting.*  I had been pre-warned about it’s rocky beaches and crowded pier – by no means was I expecting the natural beauty of Cape Cod. And even still, it was unexpected in a fascinating way. Just the swarms of people, everywhere – literally. The city overflows, it spills entirely over the streets and to the ocean. The buzz is pervasive. One could easily forget it wasn’t all natural to the land. And the color! The carnival! The fireworks! It was a lot; larger than life. A city that wants to be a beach, and a beach that wants to be a city. 


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My last day at home of the summer. Hot. Extremely hot. Mussels and clam ‘chowdah.’ The last catch of the day, trucks pulling boats from the water. Waves crashing on the rocks at high-tide, a seawall sunset. 

My American poem.

Sweet Berry Farm

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I love this farm. I’ve posted about it so many times, I know, so I won’t bore with details. My brother and I spent the afternoon here, at Sweet Berry Farm, picking blueberries and frolicking in the field of sunflowers. It was *wonderful.* 

It’s a tradition we have, to come here. Every time I’m home, we drive the hour south the pick whatever is in season. At first, it was something to do with my “baby” brother. Now years later, he does it more to humor me than anything – a trip to the farm isn’t exactly on the top of the average fourteen year-old boy’s to-do-list – but it makes it all the more special. This thing, in this magical place, that we do, always, together. 

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