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Month: October, 2016


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Sunday, market day! L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is famous for having one of the best markets in all of the South of France, and it did not disappoint. I left with: the best caramel sauce I’ve ever had in my life, the best mustard I’ve ever had in my life, a French market basket (the kind that were trending all summer at home, except mine is real), and a very full stomach, courtesy of the Corsican restaurant we wandered into for lunch. It was so lively, so charming – even on this hazy day. 


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After lunch in Les Alpilles, we kept driving through the mountains, past the olive trees and the grapes, along the farm roads, and into the Luberon. And then we arrived at this city in the sky. Gordes, a French fairy-tale. The entire place seemed to be one giant castle overlooking the fields. I loved getting lost in the maze of the old streets, so far, far away from the rest of the world.  

Les Alpilles

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Lazy weekend days in the South of France, tasting wine in secret-mountain-lairs and feasting on “cheese bricks” in a mountain-side village. No agenda except eating, drinking, and exploring. 

We didn’t plan an intense day, since it was supposed to rain. It never did rain, but I’m glad we didn’t plan anything. It was so refreshing to relax, to go with the flow. 



A small town in the south of France, just under an hour from Marseille. I snapped these pictures quickly from the parking lot just before dinner nearby. No shots of the view from the restaurant, but you can imagine, it was perfect. And the food… SO good. 

These simple spaces, the unknown ones with “less” to see and to do, where I can go with the flow – these are my favorite. 

Brant Rock

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My last day at home until Christmas. The last day in shorts, last day with feet in the ocean. The very last of summer on a cool and misty day. We ate seafood at the Venus II across the street. We climbed out to the end of the jetty. My brother chased the seagulls, and I shivered in the water, willing to do anything to touch it one last time. 



An afternoon walk along Plymouth Harbor, exploring with my camera. It was chilly, the first time I had to wear pants since the spring. But the sun was warm, and it was a welcomed mid-week escape. 

I love that pirate ship. 

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