Last stop on my self-proclaimed personal heritage tour. Poland was the only place I'm "from" (Italy, Ireland, England, and Poland) that I had yet to visit. Part of my Nana's family came to the U.S. from the Warsaw area, so this was a very special, deliberate short trip. We stayed just outside of the Old [...]


Belgium, magical fantasy land of chocolate, waffles, and beer. When I asked what to expect before we departed on our four-hour journey across the Chunnel, I was told, "Disney World." I would say that's accurate. The candy-colored carved houses, the charm - there are even horse drawn carriages! What I didn't know before we went: [...]

Cliffs of Moher

Twelve hours in... Ireland! Yes! Just twelve, and every second of it was incredible. Here's how it all went down: We took the 6:30 am train from Cambridge Station to the airport, took off at 9:00 am, and touched down in Shannon at 10:20 am. An hour later, we had rented a car and were [...]

Botanic Garden

Travelling far away is exciting, but sometimes it's worth remembering that one need not go far to explore. I found this little botanic garden a mere twenty-minute walk from my house in Cambridge and decided to spend an afternoon wandering through it in the last hour before it closed for the evening. It was the first [...]

Les Calanques de Cassis

My second trip to Les Calanques this year, and I'm still wondering if any of it is even real. There are no words or pictures to do any of it justice. Neither words nor picture can capture the vividness of the color, the sweet sharpness of the smell, the weightlessness of floating in the October [...]