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Month: December, 2016


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Meeting a friend for coffee in Plymouth Center. I arrived a little early and parked along the harbor. It was just in time for the sunset, and the lobster-trap tree was still standing tall, a few days after Christmas. 

I love the real, raw look of this harbor. The slight bite of the cold. When I lived in Miami for college, I used to come home for winter-break and think everything around me was dead and ugly. Flashy palm trees seemed prettier at the time. Now that more time has passed and I have travelled more, I realize how beautiful all of this is. It’s alive in it’s own real, raw way. 


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Christmas-time in the city. Wandering around the place that I’m from, aimlessly and open.

We used to do this in highschool. It’s still fun in my twenties. 


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Home for the holidays, & it’s a beautiful thing. The past few weeks have been busy. Christmas parties. I graduated. Travelling across the ocean. And now, here we are. Home, content. 

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