I've been inside the Tower of London before, and while it's one of my favorite activities in London, it's also not free; I didn't want to pay to do the same tour again, and so, while my visiting friends went inside, I opted instead to explore the outskirts with my camera on this misty, moody English [...]


Anytime we have visitors in Cambridge, of course we take them punting down the River Cam, typically with Scudamores. Sometimes, they arrive excited and eager to punt; other times, they look at us confused and ask, "What's a punt?" But as I said, of course we go. Punting is so quintessentially Cambridge that it seems [...]

Cambs from Above

Finally made it up to the top of Great St. Mary's for this stellar bird's-eye view of the city. I walk by the entrance to the tower so often, but I always assumed it was nothing more than a tourist trap until people started telling me, "No, you *have* to go." Yes, you do have to [...]


Winter wanderings through Grantchester. Abnormally warm for February, a bit over sixty degrees Fahrenheit. We walked from town out to The Orchard, about 1.5 miles through the meadows along the river and through the mud. It was the first time we were able to find a seat for tea in the garden; in the springtime, it's too [...]