Old Town Kotor

by Sam

Wandering, Old Town. Kotor is just charming. Stone buildings, green shutters, palm trees, cats, a winding maze of alleyways bursting open into lively squares, all set against a backdrop of rolling hills and the sea. I could roam for hours with my camera, entering the shops, striking conversation.

I buy things that I don’t need from the shopkeeper who feeds the cats to support her. I walk through the open doors of a church, enticed by the potency of the incense that can be sensed from across the square. And at the end of the day, I dine in St. Tryphon Square at a place called Dekaderon and have the best seafood (Lignje Montenegro), the best banana cake, and the best, most unique wine I’ve ever had. My server says it’s simply made by a friend of the restaurant, locally. It’s so interesting – not sweet, but not dry. Light and vast, as the city itself.