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Month: May, 2017

Spring Botanic Garden

This Botanic Garden that I love, my favorite place to wander and practice using my camera. I’ve visited in the fall and in the winter. Now, the spring. It’s never the same. Something new is alive every time. 

Ely Spring

Ely is beautiful in all seasons, but especially in the springtime when the pink flowers burst open against the grey skies. It’s still a bit chilly here in England, but the rainbow of flowers everywhere are a reminder that summer isn’t too far. Warmer days will be here soon and, with them, a new kind of beauty. 

Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey is the closest National Trust site to us in Cambridge, and yet, somehow we had always overlooked it. To be honest, we assumed it was “only” a giant, old house. In fact, it’s much more than a house. The grounds are expansive, full of gardens and woodland paths. There’s even an old, working mill. 

It was such a nice afternoon out in the sun. 

The Boat Races

A warm and sunny spring Sunday at the 163rd (72nd for women) annual Boat Race along the Thames River in London between rival universities, Oxford and Cambridge. Of course, we cheered for our hometown team, Cambridge. They, sadly, did not win, but it was a very fun day with very good friends. 

Sveti Stefan & Skadar

Departure. Rising before the sun. The clocks sprang ahead an hour overnight and at 6:00 am, all is quiet. I sneak away as the seven bells chime. No one is out, but me. One last breath of the bay, and I’m off. The winding, coastal roads are exclusively mine. Flying free, me & the local radio.

I’m early, so there’s time to see. First, Sveti Stefan, playground of the rich & famous, nestled in the sea. Then, to the roads again, the turn from the coast to the mountains. The roads are even windier, narrower, steeper, slower. There’s a dense fog. I’m gripping the wheel until, finally, there’s a second spot to pause at blue-grey Skadar. It’s all so quiet and still.

And then, suddenly, I’ve arrived at the airport. The 1.5 hour drive is over. It’s all over, and I’m sad to go. 

This trip terrified me at the start and for no logical reason. Anxiety, fear. I ignored it and went anyways – and I’ll never be the same person again. 

Budva & Jaz

I read that Budva is known as the “Cancun of the Balkans,” that it’s impossible to get a chair at Jaz Beach in the summer. Maybe those facts are true; I didn’t experience those parts of town. 

For all that I had heard of Jaz’ energy, it was pleasantly deserted, abandoned even, in the March offseason. I sat by myself with my feet in the Adriatic and face in the sun. 

Then, Budva, party city, but daytime. Mini skyscrapers and yachts dotting the waterfront. I was more interested in the Old Town, and that’s where I wandered until I found myself at the top of the Citadel.

It was so nice to see the sea that way. 


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