Summer broke early in Cambridge this year. Real summer. The summer that beckons you to the park. Picnic blanket, book, boat summer. Sun shining summer. Grantchester Meadows is like the "beach" of Cambridge to me; a destination of sunbathers and swimmers. The place to which everyone escapes to a thousand shades of green.  


May Day, 2018. Two hours from Piran to Bled for this breathtaking view. Worth the drive. I was enroute to the airport, so I didn't have much time. But, if anything, you must know that the pictures could never do this place justice. I don't have a word to describe the blue. Or the way I [...]


Endless day, endless sun. Time stood still. magic happened. The world was on my side. Morning run along the coast, through a quiet, sleepy city. Past the resorts and then the fishermen.  Dining alone on the waterfront, a local breeze, a local white wine, and a fishplatter for one. Wander for photos, wander accidentally, find [...]


Sečovlje - salt, sun, space. Early morning, before the crowds, not before the birds. Bright. The entire place reminded me of Cape Cod in a way, the Cape Cod of wild Eastham and Orleans and Chatam; maybe it was the marsh or the wooden boardwalk or the color palette.  But this is Slovenia. The Adriatic [...]


What I want to remember most about that first night in Piran is how the fresh, sweet, floral-sea smell hit me when I exited the car and made me instantly forget the knots in my stomach that had hurt me all week leading up to that moment, far from home, alone on the Adriatic. And [...]


Greenwich, center of the universe, center of sunshine on an April afternoon. The light was harsh and bright, and the park was overwhelmed by the crowds.  Everyone out to feel the sun, to see the flowers - to be in love. Our friend proposed to our other friend right here on this hill, on this [...]