by Sam

Endless day, endless sun. Time stood still. magic happened. The world was on my side.

Morning run along the coast, through a quiet, sleepy city. Past the resorts and then the fishermen. 

Dining alone on the waterfront, a local breeze, a local white wine, and a fishplatter for one.

Wander for photos, wander accidentally, find myself overlooking it all from the hillside. 

To the town walls for an even better view. Breathtaking. Then, open exploring. The fabled Fiesa path is real, and I’m on it. A serendipituous seaside stroll. Seaglass. Shoes-off. Seawall.

Pants rolled up, walking through the water back home. 

And then it ends. With an icecream sundae and an aperol spritz, a table on the pier directly in line with the setting sun. 


I survived another day, just me in Slovenia.