Lately, I've had this thought, a thought about people and accomplishments and success and leadership and what does it all even mean. What does it mean to be successful? Graduating college has been, for lack of a better word, traumatic so far.  Traumatic, in the sense that, I have no idea what to do yet. [...]


Sitting at Jetblue Gate F with twenty minutes to kill before boarding my flight home to Boston- I am absolutely beyond excited!!! Its funny how much flying has become second nature to me over the past few years. Security, switching seats, changing flights, the gates, getting a cup of tea and a magazine before boarding: I don't [...]

Sitting by the Lake

For one of my journalism classes today, we had to do an 'observation exercise' (aka, sit somewhere on campus, look at things, and write down what we saw). Of course, I used this as an excuse to sit by the lake in the center of campus and relax for a bit: ---- Down the steep, [...]


(Written January 18, 2009) 36,970 feet in the air. I'm on another plane, another departure, and I can't help but to wonder what I'm doing, what I'm supposed to be doing. Again. I always see my life at the airport. Something about the pure independence triggers the sensation of loneliness; it is the manifestation of [...]