Nairobi National Park

Not a National Geographic Documentary, my real life.  Nairobi National Park is the only place in the world where you can see animals and distant skyscrapers in the same scene. It's absolutely, totally incredible. One minute, you're in the city; next, you're in a safari jeep, off-roading next to a sleeping lion (yes, we saw [...]

Giraffes & Elephants

Hi, everyone, YES, that's ME being BFF with all kinds of giraffes and baby elephants in Nairobi!!! Yes, it was as amazing as it looks! These photos are from two different places, the Giraffe Centre (British spelling of "center") and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (aka the Elephant Orphanage). Both are right on the edge of Nairobi [...]

Lake Naivasha

Surreal. If you asked me to describe Lake Naivasha in one word, that's the word that I'd use. We came here for a boat ride, bird watching, and hippo sight-seeing. I was quickly mesmerized by the colors, the contrast of everything. Vibrant greens, the tall, dead trees. Quiet and stillness, suddenly broken by fishermen wading. [...]


Part two of our Naivasha day excursion: hiking through the Hell's Gate Gorges (recap of part one, here). First of all, it was absolutely beautiful. There were hot springs, giant clay towers, greenery everywhere. Meanwhile, this was all basically in a giant dried out riverbed canyon. Not the sort of place you'd want to be [...]

Hell’s Gate

Biking. With ZEBRAS, GIRAFFES, PUMBAS, ANTELOPE, OH MY! I will let these pictures speak for themselves. 100% real life and still pinching myself to realize it wasn't a dream.  This is Hell's Gate National Park, which is about an hour and a half north west of Nairobi. For us, this 16 km bike ride was the [...]


Real, raw Nairobi. What a city. What a place.  You can probably see a big gap in my blog. That's because, last month, I had an INCREDIBLE opportunity to travel to Nairobi for one of my Master's classes (Business Model Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid) and work with an equally incredible organization called, [...]