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White Cliffs of Dover

White cliffs, blue sky, blue sea.

A very quick stop before leaving the island. 

I never knew that the English Channel could be this blue. 


Aldeburgh, Suffolk coast gem of fish-and-chips fame. We came for the seafood, like so many others, all spilled on to the sidewalk in queues around the block.

Fish-and-chips on the seawall. Old fishing boats in an old fishing town.

A day out, close to home. 



Dreamscape, somewhere in Suffolk. Fields of green, flowers on the beach.

A long countryside walk to the sea. Follow the footpath a few miles east until the heath fades into the beach. 

That’s the only way I know how to go back.


Summer broke early in Cambridge this year. Real summer. The summer that beckons you to the park. Picnic blanket, book, boat summer. Sun shining summer.

Grantchester Meadows is like the “beach” of Cambridge to me; a destination of sunbathers and swimmers. The place to which everyone escapes to a thousand shades of green.



Greenwich, center of the universe, center of sunshine on an April afternoon. The light was harsh and bright, and the park was overwhelmed by the crowds. 

Everyone out to feel the sun, to see the flowers – to be in love. Our friend proposed to our other friend right here on this hill, on this day; the most magical London day for me and, I believe, for all.

Cambridge Spring

Sunny, hot, summer-springtime, April in Cambridge. I had forgotten what it felt like to be warm, to walk freely sans rain coat or weighed down by boots and layers. 

So rare, and so wonderful. We had cocktails on the Varsity roof deck to celebrate. 

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