The ancient, wild, potent island of Corfu. A ferry ride across the Adriatic from Albania, a quick stop for us between one adventure and home. We travelled to Corfu for the airport, but fell in love with it's architecture and the local foods, extending our stay by a couple of hours by opting for a [...]

Chania Town

Wandering the streets of this old, ancient town. Getting lost in my favorite kind of way. The streets winding; around every corner, a new burst of color, an explosion of floral. The dogs and the cats and the motor bikes. While in Chania, I stayed in an upstairs loft on one of these lively streets. There [...]


That Mediterranean sunset. Those last few minutes, seconds, of sun, before it dips and lights the sky. The fishermen lined along the wall. The water lapping, mountains fading in the distance.  Alone on an island, taking it all in.

Chania Harbour

The Old Venetian Harbour of Chania, Crete. I'm still pinching myself - is this real? The harbor was bustling, vibrant and overflowing with both tourists and locals. I walked along the edges for hours, sitting on the stone walls, taking it all in, and losing track of time. The blend of old and new. Serenity [...]

Seitan Limania

It took me 24 hours to get to this beach. One bike ride, a 3 hour bus ride, a 4 hour flight, a taxi, another 3 hour bus, another taxi, and a literal hike down the fact of a mountain, plus numerous pauses in between (including an overnight stay in a hotel) - to be [...]