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I never expected to be back in Mississippi, but here I am, two months after moving away, back down South. This time, I came alone to help with the entrepreneurship program at Mississippi State University. I pushed myself. Out of my comfort zone. Mississippi will always be a special place for me, but it’s not where I belong anymore. I’m so excited to return home, to plan for the next adventure. 


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Living in Columbus, Mississippi has been such an interesting experience for me. I say “interesting,” because I cannot honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it. It was challenging at times. The culture is different. Things can feel too slow (everything closed on Sunday), but also too fast (fast food and chain restaurants everywhere). I learned much here over the past couple of years, traveling back and forth to this place. And I made some wonderful friends. Some people thought I was crazy to do this; I would do it again. This is America, real and raw. 


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Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen on Tupelo Main Street (there isn’t even a website for me to link). It has been hard for us to find unique, local places to eat in North West Mississippi, since fast food restaurants dominate the main roads. This place was a true gem. Everything was fresh, local. My only regret is that we didn’t discover it sooner. It was wonderful, exactly what I had hoped to eventually find during my time down south. 

Hail State


The Miami Hurricanes will always my team, but Mississippi State is currently ranked #1, and when in Rome… Hail State. Also, my first SEC game inside the stadium. College football is the best. 

May’s Corn Maze


May’s Corn Maze in Mississippi, literally down ten miles of dirt road off of the highway, as middle of nowhere as it gets. 



Pumpkin picking at a farm in Mississippi. 

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