Sveti Stefan & Skadar

Departure. Rising before the sun. The clocks sprang ahead an hour overnight and at 6:00 am, all is quiet. I sneak away as the seven bells chime. No one is out, but me. One last breath of the bay, and I'm off. The winding, coastal roads are exclusively mine. Flying free, me & the local [...]

Budva & Jaz

I read that Budva is known as the "Cancun of the Balkans," that it's impossible to get a chair at Jaz Beach in the summer. Maybe those facts are true; I didn't experience those parts of town.  For all that I had heard of Jaz' energy, it was pleasantly deserted, abandoned even, in the March [...]


Perast, blues & breeze. I woke up intending on taking a cab or a bus to this little town, which is more of a strip of harbor than a town proper. I was afraid to lose my parking spot and a bit nervous of returning to those windy, mountain Montenegrin roads. But then I saw [...]

Bay of Kotor

Cats and palms by the sea. A sunset obscured by the mountains and the bluest, blue sea. I left Old Town in the evening to walk along a seaside path that I had run earlier in the morning. I wanted to take pictures, and I found myself sitting on the beach, toes in the bay, [...]

Old Town Kotor

Wandering, Old Town. Kotor is just charming. Stone buildings, green shutters, palm trees, cats, a winding maze of alleyways bursting open into lively squares, all set against a backdrop of rolling hills and the sea. I could roam for hours with my camera, entering the shops, striking conversation. I buy things that I don’t need [...]

Fortress of Kotor

Ascending, 1,355 steps. Beautiful and breathtaking. It’s hot in the sun, and my calves are - literally - quivering at the end. Where to begin? What an adventure. A day of spectacular views, of conversation, new friends, and pushing myself to explore. I met three American MBA students hiking; they were so friendly, even offered [...]