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Mount Washington Hotel

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A New Year’s Day photowalk. It was so, so cold walking down that driveway, away from the shelter of the trees and exposed to the wind. I didn’t know it was possible to be so cold and so happy at the same time. 

The cabin we stay at is across the street from the hotel and is considered to be a part of the resort, so we have access to everything in the hotel. Usually, we head over at night after a day of activities, but I wanted some photos of it in the daylight. A castle in the mountains. It’s magical. There is no other word. 

Bretton Woods

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New Year’s Ever, 2016. Bundled up & cozy in a cabin in the snow. 

I listened to a podcast tonight about the Danish concept of hygge. I know it’s a trendy buzzword right now, but goodness, I don’t know if there’s a better word to describe the time that we had up there, together, cooking dinner and watching the fireworks from the deck. 



Hazy, cloudy, rainy day in the mountains. Grey on green, depth ever expanding.

A quick trip up for my cousins’ grad party, and an excuse to play with my camera in their beautiful back yard. 


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Family, fireside. The White Mountains of New Hampshire. Finally, “home,” in New England after months of upheaval. I am so excited to just be  for the next few months, to enjoy the things that matter most before I move overseas in the fall. 

Bretton Woods


Another friends’ weekend at Bretton Woods. Warm and cozy by the fire. “Live free or die.” 

Bretton Woods










A weekend in the White Mountains, hiking, singing, and loving life with friends. 

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