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Wichita Wildlife Refuge

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Hiking, buffalo, and world-famous Meers’ Peach Cobbler in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma, about one hour east of Altus. Look how close we were to the wild buffalo!!! Also, Meers is mostly famous for their burgers, which I didn’t eat, since I don’t eat meat. But Vince had one and can vouch for it’s amazingness. I was VERY satisfied with my peach cobbler. Oklahoma is always such an adventure. 


Quartz Mountains

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An Easter Sunday adventure. A friend told us about this small mountain range about half an hour north of Altus. There were no defined trails – just us and the mountain, and we pushed to the very tip. Mountains to one side, never ending plains on the other. Cacti everywhere. Breathtaking. 

We conquered it.

Altus, Oklahoma

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I wanted to go on a walk after dinner. Through the neighborhood, across the field. We stumbled across a little carnival. The middle-of-nowhere is a beautiful place. 

Medicine Park

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A beautiful, historical, hidden gem in the middle of the country. Medicine Park is an old resort village, the Cobblestone Community, south of Oklahoma City. It’s absolutely charming. While we were there, we were lucky enough to witness a wedding along the banks of the creek — while sitting next to a giant wolf on a leash. This is certainly not the East Coast. 


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We drove from Columbus, Mississippi, to Altus, Oklahoma, with a quick stop in OKC (Big Truck Tacos: must go). Here we are now, in a brand new place. New things, new people, new norm. I like it so far. Oklahoma has grit. It’s as close as I’ve ever been to the Wild West, and I’m excited to explore – rattlesnakes, armadillos, buffalo, and all. 

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