Everything you have seen, every flower, every bird, every rock will pass away and turn to dust, but that you have seen them will not pass away.” – Proverb.

Massachusetts-born, American in Europe. Living in Cambridge, studying in London.

Curiosity. Adventure. Design, Travel, Economics – and all of their links.

I’m an innovation systems researcher and digital media strategist. I love places – the future of places, the connectivity of places, the culture of places. I love to think about how places develop and how people experience places. Places are my passion.

Before living in the UK, I lived in the Boston suburbs (hometown), Miami, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. I’ve travelled to and/or worked with companies across the U.S., South America, Europe, and Africa.

I made this blog when I was a student at the University of Miami to share my adventures in the Sunshine State, and since then, it has evolved. This is my personal record of my explorations, my place to write.

Feel free to say hello! – Sam

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