Ksamil, sun and sand; we came for the pristine and beautiful Adriatic beaches, just opposite the more famous Greek island of Corfu. This was our treat after days of driving and exploring. It was as relaxing as we had hoped. Perhaps even more than we had hoped, as we quite literally had the entire place [...]


Bright, beachy Sarandë; an odd paradox of a place. Unexpectedly developed and modern, yet unexpectedly empty. While drinking wine on the balcony one night, we thought, if it does take off in several years and become a mainstream destination, how strange and wonderful it will be knowing that we were here alone just before it really [...]

Syri i Kaltër

The Blue Eye, known locally as Syri i Kaltër. There's not too much more to say beyond the photos; it's a beautiful place, off the beaten path, but not anything more to it than what you see. It was good that we stopped here along the way from Gjirokastër to Sarandë, as opposed to making a day trip [...]


For me, Gjirokastër was the unexpected highlight of our trip, mostly because of the uniqueness of our accommodation and the local foods and floral smells that came with it. It was quaint, but also busy. From the castle on the hill, a new soccer stadium in one direction and dirt road farmhouses in the other. Full of [...]

Përmet, Banjat e Bënjës, & Other Adventures Driving Through Rural Albania

Driving inland through rural Albania, Durres to Permet to Gjirokastra. Across great green space, over mountains, and along the river. Dangling in open space, wide-eyed and full of wonder to think of how this piece of the world has always existed and will continue to exist when we leave, unnoticed by most. From my travel [...]


Seaside Albania, the north. Part 2 of our first day in Albania, following our morning adventure in Krujë. I never would have thought to spend any time here at all, if it weren't for the recommendations of an Albanian friend. It was a modern, clean, and quirky little city that deserves more time than we [...]