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Museum of Fine Arts





Some are bored by art museums, but they fascinate me. Room after room of history, adventure, and discovery. Raw human creation, timeless throughout human experience.

It’s easy to appreciate the beauty of the past, just as it’s too easy to miss the beauty of right now. But our creations, our art, will live on too. Even the most mundane will tell our beautiful story. 




IMG_2354IMG_2355New brushes, new paints, new sketches. I’m slowly & steadily teaching myself to paint, to create. Rough and outside the lines. I’m a work in progress, but then again, isn’t everyone?


The Exchange



IMG_2371Saturday afternoon wandering the streets of Plymouth Harbor, and I found myself surrounded by antiques and artwork at The Exchange on Main. A store, but more so a museum – a bright and charming place to be. 


San Juan




IMG_1122Four hours of Spanish classes, then a ‘caminata en San Juan.’ The roads are dirt. There are animals everywhere. We walk to the home of a local woman. She can neither read nor write. She speaks no English. 

In minutes, she carves beautiful maracas. She sells us her art for $4 USD.

Fort Point Open Studios

FB observe

FP Studios

FP palms

FP wall

FP blue

The Fort Point Arts Community in the Boston Seaport district hosted its seasonal open studios event this past weekend, during which the public is able to visit the otherwise private workspaces of the artists. Warehouses on the water, full of art, open for wandering. My brother and I decided to explore.


Lowe Light ArtArt & wine; monthly Happy Hour at the Lowe Art Museum.

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