Skopje, Macedonia, is known as Europe's "capital of kitsch," recognizable by it's overwhelming and apparently random assortment of statues scattered across all streets in the city. There's the giant "Man on a Horse" in the square (obviously, though not publicly for political reasons, Alexander the Great); there's the small man with oversized shoes in the [...]


Macedonia, getting here was an adventure in and of itself. Renting the car, crossing the border, having no cash, no phone, no knowledge of the language. And yet, we made it here. First to Skopje to settle and then out here to really explore the next day.  Here, Mavrovo, a national park on the western [...]

Rila Monastery

One hour and forty minutes outside of Sofia, Rila Monastery. A gem in the mountains. The pictures online are beautiful. I'm not sure what word to use to describe the reality, because it was more than that.  Driving to Rila, first of all, transports you to another world completely. It's not that the nature itself [...]


A rainy Sunday in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thracian, Roman, Communist - there was a bit of all and more, as we learned on our two hour free walking tour (a must-do when in Sofia). And while it rained heavily and relentlessly during our tour (to the point that my rain jacket, sweater, and blouse were entirely [...]


Ksamil, sun and sand; we came for the pristine and beautiful Adriatic beaches, just opposite the more famous Greek island of Corfu. This was our treat after days of driving and exploring. It was as relaxing as we had hoped. Perhaps even more than we had hoped, as we quite literally had the entire place [...]


Bright, beachy Sarandë; an odd paradox of a place. Unexpectedly developed and modern, yet unexpectedly empty. While drinking wine on the balcony one night, we thought, if it does take off in several years and become a mainstream destination, how strange and wonderful it will be knowing that we were here alone just before it really [...]