Home in my city. Back here for two weeks from Europe for volunteering, meetings, networking, interviewing. I've been all over the world, and I still love it here. I love the sense of walking and knowing and belonging. Of knowing that it will always welcome me back, no matter how long I've stayed away. 

Beacon Hill

My dissertation research brought me to Beacon Hill, around the corner from the Golden Dome. These past few days interviewing subjects in the city have kept me very close to the Freedom Trail and some of the more quaint little streets in this town. They remind me so much of London - the influence is [...]


Brunch... escalated quickly. What began as simple Saturday morning socializing evolved into a day of eating (and drinking) across the city. Southie to Seaport to the North End. Personalized cocktails. Sushi. Mussels. Cannolis. A charcuterie board to die for. Yes, please. 

Growing Up

Growing up. I started this blog when I was a sophomore in college for a class project. Six years later, I am writing a post about the condo my best friend just purchased in the city. Isn't that view INCREDIBLE?!?  Our other best friend Bonnie was visiting from London (she had come over for my [...]