Marshfield. First, to the wildlife sanctuary, exploring the open fields. My brother has a camera now too, and he was eager to practice. I was eager to feel the sun. After, to the main road for a meal, to the beach for the sunset, to the jetty for photos, to the icecream stand just [...]

Brant Rock

My last day at home until Christmas. The last day in shorts, last day with feet in the ocean. The very last of summer on a cool and misty day. We ate seafood at the Venus II across the street. We climbed out to the end of the jetty. My brother chased the seagulls, and I [...]

Brant Rock

Sunset via Brant Rock. There are some places in the world that are physically, aesthetic. This place, for me, is even more. Emotionally, soulfully beautiful. A part of my core. This is the beach that has been mine ever since before I could walk. It's where we'd collect rocks and shells as kids. Sneak away [...]

Spontaneous Rafting

Kim thought that we were both insane; looking back on the situation, I think she was probably right. But, as we ran in our bathing suits down the street across the hot pavement to the beach shack, we thought SHE was insane- how could buying a massive beach raft ever NOT be a good idea? [...]