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Chatham on a cloudy Cape day, quaint and quiet after the rain. The last official weekend of summer. Seals in the water, everywhere – you could see them from the sidewalk. Weathered wood.

Just being here again makes me happy. 

Martha’s Vineyard

A beautiful summer day, my favorite island. I didn’t expect to spend any time on the Vineyard at all this summer, since I didn’t have much time planned in the US. But my little brother had still never been to the island, and when I asked him how he would like to spend the day together, he was keen to take the ferry over for a day. 

It was a quick trip and a bit overwhelming and exhausting for him, as we crammed three towns into several hours. For me though, I just loved it. Even for a few hours. I love being there. 



Truro Vineyards, wine tasting on the Upper Cape with my best friend on a cloudy day. Finally made it out there and was not disappointed. The vineyard itself is small, calm. A great place to catch up with a friend after you’ve been away for months.

As far as the wines go, I loved them all – especially the Cape Blush. I would’ve bought a case to bring home if my current home wasn’t across the ocean in England. We also tasted the spirits and those were equally incredible. The spiced rum especially was so flavorful; I wanted to buy it just to drink straight with no mixer, it was that good. 

Hyannis Harbor

img_6936 img_6938img_6944img_6935img_6933

A grey and rainy day on Cape Cod brought us to busy and bustling Hyannis, but rather than join the summer crowds on Main Street, we headed down to the harbor, quiet and removed from the town’s activities given the inclement weather. I loved the little artist cottages that lined the walk and the old fishing ships. The rain even stopped for us. Unexpectedly, charming.

Harwich Port

img_6928 img_6926img_6927img_6923

Strolling down Main Street in Harwich Port, we veered off down a side-street, intrigued by the blue sky drop-off at the end of the road, a sign that the ocean must be nearby. We weren’t disappointed. After walking through a neighborhood, we came to the smallest strip of public beach wedged between two gorgeous water-front homes. There’s no way you could fit more than five chairs and towels here; I imagine one must need to arrive very, very early in the morning to grab a place at this special, secret spot.  

Hydrangea Festival

IMG_6427IMG_6426 IMG_6419 IMG_6428 IMG_6439IMG_6450 IMG_6449 IMG_6459IMG_6474

Peak hydrangea-season, mid-July on Cape Cod. My aunt, my grandmother, my brother and I spent the day in Chatham, touring the local gardens of the annual Hydrangea Festival. To be perfectly honest, though, the tours weren’t really necessary. The most beautiful hydrangeas of all were out in public, free for all to see. Chatham Main Street was fully in bloom. 

Flowers, ice cream, puppies. It was my last day as a twenty-five-year-old, and I wouldn’t have spent it any other way. 


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