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Hyannis Harbor

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A grey and rainy day on Cape Cod brought us to busy and bustling Hyannis, but rather than join the summer crowds on Main Street, we headed down to the harbor, quiet and removed from the town’s activities given the inclement weather. I loved the little artist cottages that lined the walk and the old fishing ships. The rain even stopped for us. Unexpectedly, charming.


Harwich Port

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Strolling down Main Street in Harwich Port, we veered off down a side-street, intrigued by the blue sky drop-off at the end of the road, a sign that the ocean must be nearby. We weren’t disappointed. After walking through a neighborhood, we came to the smallest strip of public beach wedged between two gorgeous water-front homes. There’s no way you could fit more than five chairs and towels here; I imagine one must need to arrive very, very early in the morning to grab a place at this special, secret spot.  

Hydrangea Festival

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Peak hydrangea-season, mid-July on Cape Cod. My aunt, my grandmother, my brother and I spent the day in Chatham, touring the local gardens of the annual Hydrangea Festival. To be perfectly honest, though, the tours weren’t really necessary. The most beautiful hydrangeas of all were out in public, free for all to see. Chatham Main Street was fully in bloom. 

Flowers, ice cream, puppies. It was my last day as a twenty-five-year-old, and I wouldn’t have spent it any other way. 


Shining Sea Bikeway

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New favorite discovery in my own back yard: Shining Sea Bikeway. Round-trip, 21+ mile paved bike path from North Falmouth to Woods Hole (right at the ferry port).

We parked in Falmouth, rented bikes (there’s a shop RIGHT at the start of the trail), then biked all the way down, stopping for cranberry bogs, marshes, and beaches. IT’S SO PRETTY! And it was a PERFECT day for us. 

Plus, when we arrived, we rewarded ourselves with lobster rolls and ice-cream. So I don’t know how it gets any better than that. 



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When my sister and I were little kids in the midst of family vacations down the Cape, we used to BEG to go to Chatham. We loved the candy store. It was always the highlight of any vacation. 

Decades later, the magic is still there. Main Street, America. 

It’s good to be home for the summer. 


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A day trip adventure, in search of seals. We didn’t find any, but we did find this refuge. I used to come here often as a kid, but I never appreciated it then. Today was a rediscovery. 

I’ve seen beaches all over the world; Mediterranean, Caribbean.  I think this is my favorite, an hour from my house. 

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