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Details on Circuit Ave Ext


How adorable is this bright blue wall that I stumbled across in Oaks Bluff several weeks ago? And the words are written in rope! 

I discovered it Friday afternoon, by Nancy’s (for anyone familiar with the area); on Saturday, it was gone. Very happy to have seen it. It’s the details that define a place, after all. Even the smallest details dictate emotion. 

Adventure Room



IMG_4451I always design my rooms around places and the emotions they elicit. In the case of my living room, that place is Woods Hole, and that ’emotion’  is adventure. It’s still a work in progress, but I love how it’s coming along.

“Ships are safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” 

Vintage Green Harbor


Absolutely love these vintage Green Harbor postcards that I found in Marshfield this weekend. Green Harbor, specifically Brant Rock beach, is my childhood beach, so they are extra special to me. I can’t wait to mat and frame them; they’ll be perfect for the gallery wall that I’m putting together in our Mississippi apartment. It’s always nice to tie small pieces of home into any space. 



If I can’t be by the water, then I’ll bring the water to me. 

It’s the details that convey the emotion, and the emotion that guides the mind.



IMG_2731Daffodils from the grocery store find their way home to my desk, sparking a spring state of mind. 


My Desk

IMG_2418My desk at home, navy and natural. I love to work here. 

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