Martha’s Vineyard

A beautiful summer day, my favorite island. I didn't expect to spend any time on the Vineyard at all this summer, since I didn't have much time planned in the US. But my little brother had still never been to the island, and when I asked him how he would like to spend the day [...]


Pre-sunset, post-ferry at Edgartown Harbor. We took the ferry to the island from the mainland earlier in the afternoon, and after checking into our room, we caught the bus from OB. Detour to brewery on the main road, then wandering until we made it to town and beyond to the lighthouse. It's like a painting [...]

Girl on a Whaleship

Thought this was pretty cool- It's the journal of a six-year-old Edgartown girl from 1868, who went on a three-year whaling trip with her family. I'm pretty sure when I was six, the biggest adventure I got to go on was getting to ride my bike to the end of the street... but I did also [...]

Vineyard Stars

There must have been a zillion stars over Nantucket Sound tonight. It was incredible. Lost at sea, sealed in our own blue-black bubble of still sky and water with nothing but those stars lighting the way, our massive steamship silently slicing through the oceannight blur, it was as if I were in another world entirely. [...]