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Martha’s Vineyard

A beautiful summer day, my favorite island. I didn’t expect to spend any time on the Vineyard at all this summer, since I didn’t have much time planned in the US. But my little brother had still never been to the island, and when I asked him how he would like to spend the day together, he was keen to take the ferry over for a day. 

It was a quick trip and a bit overwhelming and exhausting for him, as we crammed three towns into several hours. For me though, I just loved it. Even for a few hours. I love being there. 


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Pre-sunset, post-ferry at Edgartown Harbor. We took the ferry to the island from the mainland earlier in the afternoon, and after checking into our room, we caught the bus from OB. Detour to brewery on the main road, then wandering until we made it to town and beyond to the lighthouse. It’s like a painting to me. The colors are so, so vivid. The camera could never capture them. And then there’s the quiet and the salt. The sand in your feet, alone on the beach on an island in the middle of the sea. 


Biking to Edgartown

Entering Edgartown


Riding a bike, over a bridge, away from the town and everything else in the world on a perfect, cool, Vineyard day. Taking a break is a beautiful thing.

Girl on a Whaleship

Thought this was pretty cool- It’s the journal of a six-year-old Edgartown girl from 1868, who went on a three-year whaling trip with her family.

I’m pretty sure when I was six, the biggest adventure I got to go on was getting to ride my bike to the end of the street… but I did also have my first (and probably only) journal, which I happened to stumble upon in my attic this summer. There aren’t any whaling trips, but it IS almost entirely my childish anecdotes from days down the Cape. My favorite by far: “Today we walked in woods. We got wet.” Side note: I vividly remember hiking in the woods somewhere near Fort Hill in Eastham with my dad, when the sky just opened out of nowhere on us, in July of 1995.

Reading the simple, funny little stories that I recorded in that notebook made me remember so many details about my life as a little kid that I had basically forgotten; it brought me back to a different time, reminded me how differently I used to see the world.

I think we can learn a lot from the past- both our past and the past of others- which is why I like Laura Jernegan’s journal so much. In 1868, I doubt this young Vineyard girl ever imagined people would be flipping through the pages of her notebook over a hundred years later, searching for answers, mesmerized by her story. But we are. And I think that is an amazing thing.

Girl on a Whaleship: http://www.girlonawhaleship.org/index.html

Vineyard Stars

There must have been a zillion stars over Nantucket Sound tonight. It was incredible. Lost at sea, sealed in our own blue-black bubble of still sky and water with nothing but those stars lighting the way, our massive steamship silently slicing through the oceannight blur, it was as if I were in another world entirely. We were so small and so alone; the perfect calm of the sea eroding any possibility of fear. Such a beautiful ending to a beautiful trip.

The Vineyard today was amazing, as always. Even the ferry ride inspired awe; sailboats speckled a picture perfect lighthouse coast, wind blowing my hair in the breeze. I can’t get enough of it.

Vineyard Sail Boats

We arrived at the Vineyard Haven port around 2:00 p.m., a late start, but still entirely worth the $15 roundtrip ferry ride. The rest of our day was spent exploring the unique streets of the island, popping in and out of uncountable gift shops, boutiques, etc. (no two ever the same) across Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, and- my favorite- Edgartown. I still think the pier at Edgartown overlooking Chappaquiddick is one of the most striking locations I’ve ever seen… I could have sat there forever- drinking in the sunset and the nearby wedding, the happy sound of the nearby local band- if only we didn’t need to race back to Oak Bluffs in time for the last ferry. Really, I need to just move here.

It’s the atmosphere that captivates me. The sense of perfect union between man and nature, the wind and the sea, the smiles and the casualness of it all. Vineyard time is its own time, and I embrace it. Being on that little island is to be far, far away from it all; and there’s something unexplainably calming about that fact. It’s like being alone in the middle of the ocean.

Alone except for your friends and your stars.

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