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Maize Maze at Lakenheath

IMG_0924 IMG_0941 IMG_0945IMG_0950 IMG_0971 IMG_0983 IMG_0988 IMG_0991 IMG_0998Is this not terrifying?!IMG_1000I‘m a scarecrow!IMG_1008

We’ve been in the country for nearly three weeks now… and are still homeless, ie, staying in temporary housing in Lakenheath. After commuting in and out of the city (2.5 hours each way, ugh) every day this week, I had absolutely no desire to travel back to London this weekend even though that’s supposedly “where all the action is.” SO we decided to explore a little more close to “home.” Lakenheath really is up in the countryside. Farm country. And lucky enough for us, we discovered this adorable little pumpkin patch and “Maize Maze” nearby on Undley Road. 

As you can see, I had LOTS of fun playing with my new camera… and basically being a child. This was such a wonderful, much-needed break from the city. Fall is fantastic.

Oh and P.S. – those hot donuts: TO DIE FOR.

Blueberry Picking







Blueberry picking with my little brother before I head back to Mississippi. I absolutely love Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, Rhode Island and was searching for any excuse to go back. It was a little too early for apples, but fortunately, blueberry season was still going strong. The hazy sky and showers were not enough to keep us away. 

Nihtila Farm

Pumpkin wagon



farm pumpkin

On Sunday, my little brother and I headed to Holbrook’s Nihtila farm in search of a few pumpkins to carve before Halloween (just a few days away!). It was chilly outside; I have a feeling this is going to be one of the last weekends for a while that we can comfortably be out at all. Fall seems to have just begun, and yet already, it’s slipping away into winter.  At least we had this lovely day in the sun.


Sweet Berry Farm



Apple Orchard

Sweet Berry Farm


Raspberry picking

farm stand


We celebrated the first day of fall with apple picking (and a little raspberry picking) at Sweet Berry Farm in gorgeous Middletown, Rhode Island. Hills, ocean views, farms, vineyards, orchards, and local businesses everywhere. Brother and sister bonding. This place is lovely; I can’t wait to go back.



PlymouthFarmVentured to the Plymouth Farmers Market with my little brother. Bounty included: garlic, a pea plant, maca bars, hibiscus tea, heirloom tomatoes, and a giant wedge of cheese, among other things.


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